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Our Story

Our ramen brings lovers of Japanese cuisine together one bowl at a time!

Since we began working on our signature broth,our dream has been to bring authentic Japanese ramen to the U.S.

After 20 years working in the industry, our core focus has always been sharing and introducing traditional dishes combined with new family recipes to the world because “Finding a new cuisine is better than finding a new planet”.

With the style originating from Asahikawa— the hometown of our chefs Jin and Hideyoshi Ohta— our broth eventually made its way to the ramen city of Kumamoto. Even from a young age, Jin and Hideyoshi Ohta haven't been able to figure out why this traditional broth hasn't been popular enough to be bought over to the United Staes, Determined to breath fresh life into the western ramen community, our broth is now available, bringing friends and family together in the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Visit Shinsekai(New World) today and experience a unique form of Japanese cuisine!

Across America, most are familiar with Tonkotsu paitan broth— a type of white broth made from blanched pork bones boiling for several hours. Rivaling paitan broth in popularity is chintan— a clear broth. Our signature broth, however, offers the best of both worlds, designed to be a new element falling between paitan and chintan. Our pure chicken broth offers a fantastic alternative to those looking for authentic ramen without the use of pork broth. With each ingredient carefully handpicked in creation to our broth from the noodles to the water along with secret traditions, Shinsekai Ramen will further elevate your love for food to the next level.